a game history

games we've played at games in the grass



a flatgame mmo

a reskin of walky.space by max bittker

a website where you are a frog walking around an endless magenta expanse

you can add or move photos around the space

frogf.org can be projected onto a large screen (in combination with gorfmode), and then players can participate by going to frogf.org on their phones

spawned the videofolkgame magenta is lava



this is one that you might be able to play at a cafeteria, also a reason to not throw away plastic forks. it is currently a game for 2, but maybe it can be played with many. place a quarter in a plastic fork, ideally by alternating the tines (I had to look up this fork diagram ), just like the picture below. your objective is now to drop your opponents quarter without dropping your own. its a very sensitive game. our swordfigher friend consistently won, so even if it may seem random, theres a lot of skill involved. make sure to have some fun start of the match ritual, and a very flamboyant fencing pose. en garde!


an imagination game for any number of people (even one). you all close your eyes, lie down if you’re so inclined, and imagine you’re in a darkroom developing a photo. it’s sitting in a tray of developer, currently blank. the goal is not to invent anything, but to describe whatever you actually see in your imagination. when you notice something, say it out loud. at a certain point you’ll all know the photo is done, and you can take it out of the tray and develop the next one.


like darkroom but with sight and hand touching. line on your backs in a circle with your heads pointed towards one another. inch together until those heads are touching or almost touching, as close as you can comfortably get right now. raise your hands into the sky and look up at this new digital world. introduce your hands to one other, talk to the local deity. the possibilities are endless.


this is one to play before you all head home. everyone puts their hands in the middle and pick a word to say together on the count of 5. like, "turtle on 5!". then try to count to 5, but each person is only allowed to say one number in a row, and if two people say a number at the same time, you start over. when you get to 5, shout your word, throw your hands in the air, and head home. you could play to a different number if you're feeling up for it.

balloon relay

this game is to be played with a balloon on a windy day. the point is to try getting the balloon as far as possible against the wind. you know the feeling of bouncing a balloon on a windy day, and the lack of control, but pure fun, it causes. this game takes that and makes a cooperative version of not letting the balloon touch the floor. in a very classic move chosing the most intense adversary, the wind, and the most arbitrary constraint, going against the wind and each player not allowed to hit the ball twice in a row. the grasshopper would approve. we even have a tiktok of it to help you visualize it better!

candle joust

we all know playing with candles is fun. this one is simple, for as many players as you can (we played with 2 and 3). lit up your candles, and don't let people turn yours off. protect yours and blow theirs, just dont move too fast creating wind for yourself.

a nice thing about this one is that you will also be litting each others candles to restart the game, creating a back and forth of collaboration and competition. also, it just looks nice.


magenta is lava

a many-player game played on frogf.org

each player will need a device with an internet browser in order to play

one frog is It. whoever is It tries to tag another frog by touching them on screen

if you get tagged, you are now It

(tag rules but in a virtual space)

you can cannot walk on the magenta part

you are allowed to add, move or take away photos

BUT you cannot move or take away a photo if there is another frog on it